Graviton: Weekly Update #2

Gravaton Gun

The player now has the power to create gravity wells them self, using the gun the player can change the polarity, strength and place the wells almost anywhere.
Before placing a gravity well the player is shown where the well will be placed and the area it will affect.


Added a 4 new objects: Player Button, Object Button, Dispenser and Doors.
Buttons can be activate to trigger other objects in the levels such as dispensers and doors. Player Buttons can only be activate by the player interacting with it and shows an icon when the player can click the button. Object Buttons can be activated by either another object such as a cube or the player standing on it.
Dispensers when activated will dispense a object, this object can be changed also when activate the dispenser will re-spawn the object at the dispensers position.
Doors are objects that have an open and close animation meaning that they can have other uses such as bridges.
The player is now show an grab icon when they can pick up an object.

Player Movement

I have redone the movement meaning that the player no longer slides around and the controls feel much nicer to use. The player can no longer jump whilst in the air if they fell off from a high point.

For next week I plan to have some basic models done and to improve on how the gravity wells behave.

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