New Project: Apocalypse Quest Recreation

Hi and welcome to the first blog in the development in my project to recreate Apocalypse Quest, I hope to do development updates on this blog at least ever fortnight depending on the amount of progress that I have made and if possible to do an update every week. I also plan to do video update which will happen every month.

Currently I’m in the planning stages of developing Apocalypse Quest which means creating story boards for it and planning out sprints for agile development. I have currently identified a number of primary areas to work on, these are:

  • Story/Environment
  • Player Controls
  • Party Controls
  • AI Controls (Party Members)
  • Multiplayer
  • Enemy AI

From these areas I have chosen to work on setting up basic Player controls as this will be the ground work for the other mechanics. For this week I am working on creating and setting up the controls to allow a player to control a character and the camera, this doesn’t include any models and will use the basic unity shapes.

Following the character controls, I will move onto creating the foundations for the party system which will allow the player to organise their party

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