Gravaton: Weekly Update #3

Not too much to show this week due to working on other project but this week I have been mostly been adjusting things from feedback gathered during the demo session.


I have reduced the number of controls as there were too many in the games current state, I may add additional controls in later. I removed the players control over the power of wells and the ability to toggle between which well is fired.
The new controls now put firing gravity wells on the left and right click with the left firing a repulsion well and the right firing an attraction well.
Added a new control that allows the player to remove a well that they are looking at. If a well has been removed it will be added next when the player fires a new gravity well.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a couple of bugs including one which caused objects to keep being affected by a gravity well after they had left them.
Due to new aiming controls the aiming wells had to be recoded.


For next week I hope to have a basic version of what will show the player where an object will go when affected by a gravity well. I also hope to have implemented a motivation for the player to complete the levels.


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