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Twitch Mini-games

This project was my first real introduction to client work. Clients pitch their ideas and as a group we chose which project we wanted to work on. Our clients had created a set of games which could be run by a person streaming on twitch which could then be played by the streamer's viewers using twitches chat.

Our clients tasked us with creating addition games that could be played in the same fashion. For this we create a mini-golf game.

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First person puzzle game

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Apocalypse Quest

Apocalypse Quest was one of my first-year projects, it was a top down RPG where players fight their way through the land of Evrargon levelling as they fight and collecting loot. Whilst the project has been completed I continue to develop it when I can.

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Edge of Space

Edge of Space was one of my first-year projects in which we were challenged to make an interactive novel style website that people could progress through. Edge of space takes the player aboard the Arrow of Intent where they discover what has happened during their time in stasis.

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