Connor Priest

Game Developer - Programmer



Hi, I’m Connor, I’m a 3rd year student at Plymouth university studying Computing with Games development. This site is intended to give you a little more insight into my work and interests in a simplistic and straight forward manner however you can always reach out to me by email or phone and I’m happy to talk to you.




I am well versed in many languages including C#, Java, Python, Lua, HTML and can easy adapt to others

Photo Manipulation

Many projects have required images of sorts and as a result I have acquired a good knowledge of photoshop


Documentation is a large part of many project and because of this I have developed a very good understanding of the office programs


Alongside my technical skills I have also develop good soft skills from helping out at charities and summer jobs


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I hope I have provided some insight into my work so far, what I really want next is to find a role that will let me grow my experiences and develop the foundation skills I have built.